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Flash Lidar Simulation Tool

High Etendue Low Light Raman Spectrometer For Identification Of Liquids

High Temperature Probes For 3d Measurement Of Corrosion In Metal Processing

Imaging Lidar Development For Landing On Mars

Technology Strategy Board Feasibility Study New Class Of 3d Sensor Using An Integrated Lidar Stereo Camera Approach

Website Overview

Application of Raman Spectrometer

It's all about throughput

Photon Counting spectrometer For detection of Dimethyl Sulphide


HES Spectrometer

SNR of HES spectrometer V Czerny Turner Instrument

MEWOPS 3D stereo for Rail operation

HES 2000 V Czerny Turner Experimental Comparison

Transmission Raman IR

Transmission Raman IR

Optics express article Raman in gas pipelines

Experimental investigation of a new 3mm Fibre compatible
Raman spectrometer (HES 2003) First Demonstration

Experimental investigation of a new 3 mm Fibre compatible Raman Spectrometer (HES 2003)

Experimental investigation of a new 3 mm Fibre compatible Raman spectrometer (HES 2003)  -  Diary entry 15/1/15   -  First demonstration

Experimental demonstration of throughput advantage of a static Fourier Transform spectrometer (HES 2003) when performing Transmission and stand-off

Raman observations.


M. Foster, M. Zentile, and J. Storey

Miniature Spectrometer Technical Specification - 13/04/16 (UPDATE 2017)

ISI Flyer describing our range of spectrometers and laser-based instrumentation.

Optics express article – Transmission Raman.

Cuvette Holder Technical Specification v1.0

Spectrometer spectral response correction: The effect of etaloning

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