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ISI is looking for new people to join our team

Posted on: 17/05/2018

IS-instruments Ltd is a micro company based in Kent, specialising in the development of spectrometers, Raman systems and LIDAR based products. The company is looking to expand its product range and has recently been awarded a number of exciting development contracts. 

IS-Instruments is seeking an ambitious opto-electrical engineer to join the team. 

The successful candidate...Categories: Blog

Time resolved Raman using SPAD

Posted on: 06/02/2018

ISI presents is latest patent application, developing a new system for making Time resolved Raman measurements exploiting the properties of SPADs. One of the biggest challenges in making Raman observation is contamination by fluorescent signals. Time resolved Raman is a well known technique to separate these signals, but currents systems are prohibitively expensive.

This patent explores a method of exploiting the properties of SPAD to perform timing measurements on < 100 ps times scales....Categories: raman spectrometer, Raman spectroscopy, time resolved Raman, Raman, Cancer Detection

ISI presents its latest developments in Raman Probes

Posted on: 15/01/2018

ISI presents its latest developments in Raman Probes for our HES spectrometer Range
The performance of any Raman instrument, is not only a function of the spectrometer, laser and detector. But also the interface between the samples and the instrument. Commonly this is achieved via a Raman Collection Probe. These probes can be the critical factor in determining the final observed performance of the system. ISI presents a technical note, discussing a variety of probe options for different...Categories: HES Spectrometer, raman spectrometer, Raman Probe, Stand off Raman

ISI develop AI tool for Raman Analysis

Posted on: 19/10/2017

See our new article examining how the latest Artificial Intelligence tools can be used, to identify Raman spectra, published in the Royal Society of Chemistry Analyst journal. Not only did the software outperform traditional SVM techniques. It also demonstrated no requirement to pre process of the data before the analysis was completed. A pre print of the article can be found here:!recentarticles&adv
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