Environmental Policy

IS Instruments is a science and technology company that is fully aware of current environmental issues and maintains and follows procedures and practices to minimise any environmental impact of its work. As part of the business, ISI is an environmental monitoring company developing instruments to assist clients in monitoring pollutants and providing solutions to controlling these risks to the environment.

ISI has a clear commitment to the environment and recognises its responsibilities to the local community and the wider environment for its environmental impact. It is committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation at local, regional and national level as a minimum requirement and to continually improve environmental l performance through appropriate initiatives, controls, and provision of resources and training of employees. The aim is to minimise significant impacts of ISI activities, products and services.

The EMS implements the Environmental Policy via documented policies, procedures and standards under the direction of the senior management team with the support of all employees, suppliers and contractors. Customers are advised to use and dispose of the organisation’s products in an environmentally appropriate way.

Management objectives and targets are established and reviewed on a regular basis to implement the Environmental Policy.

These are based on a commitment to six environmental principles:

  1. Prevention of pollution.
  2. Minimisation of energy and material usage and the production of waste.
  3. Effective and responsible waste management and disposal.
  4. Promoting reuse and recycling of products.
  5. Maintaining a high level of awareness of environmental issues in the workforce.
  6. Involving suppliers, contractors and customers in environmental initiatives.