Our Range of High Resolution Spectrometers

An Overview

Our high-resolution, high-performance, spectrometers are capable of solving the most demanding of spectral measurement problems. Spectral resolution on the femtometer (fm) is achievable.

The instruments use Fabry Perot technology combined with high-quality imaging detection systems to provide state of the art spectral resolution while maintaining a high level of throughput. Working with our partner, IC optical systems, both fixed and tunable solutions are possible offering unparalleled levels of optical performance. Systems are available operating in the region of 300 – 2000 nm with working diameters up to 200 mm!

These systems represent the state-of-the-art of current interferometric technology and are ideal for the most challenging of ground-based scientific measurement, from astronomical observations through to atmospheric LIDAR measurement. Systems can be used both in an imaging and filtering configuration depending on the particular end-user requirements.

These instruments typically contain a series of interference filers combined with 1- 3 Fabry Perot etalons used in series to provide both high levels of background suppression as well as high resolution and transmission. Instruments are typically mounted in a thermally controlled hermetically sealed container to ensure maximum stability and control.

As well as providing the complete solution, IS-Instruments also offers a comprehensive design service to optimise the Fabry Perot configuration that is required for the particular end-user needs.

Key parameters

  • Fabry Perot based spectrometers offer maximum etendue for a given resolution
  • Spectral resolution less than a fm available
  • Operating range from 300 -2000 nm
  • All systems can be configured to the end customers’ requirements
  • Double and triple etalon configurations available to provide maximum background light suppression


  • Astronomy
  • Solar observations
  • High-resolution imaging spectroscopy
  • High-resolution spectral measurements

Product Specifications

HES Spectrometer

Most spectrometers rely on a slit to allow light to enter. The size of the slit affects throughput and resolution, with a narrow slit increasing resolution but decreasing signal strength. This typically presents a challenge for Raman measurements where signal strength is already a factor.
IS-Instruments’ HES spectrometer range uses a fibre, typically of either 1ml, 2ml or 3ml. This aids transmission as light that would normally be lost, particularly where a larger aperture is required, is retained.
As a result, we are able to offer ultra high throughput/etendue OEM spectrometers ideal for Raman spectroscopy, capable of stand-off measurements at a range of 2 – 3 m.
Offering a 100 fold increase in throughput over conventional systems, this increased throughput can lead to a superior SNR for a given observation over a Czerny Turner instrument. The high throughput/etendue of the instrument makes it ideal for low light applications and for easy integration with large receiving optics. This spectrometer contains no moving parts and yet offers the advantages of a Michelson Interferometer with the spectral properties of a traditional diffraction grating-based device, such as a Czerny Turner spectrometer.
This spectrometer is available as a stand-alone instrument or as a fibred coupled Raman spectrometer, typically with a 500 mW 785 nm laser and offers a choice of detectors according to the end-user requirements, from an ultra low light, cooled CCD through to simple CMOS devices.
The baseline instrument configuration is targeted at Raman spectroscopy with an excitation laser operating at 785 nm.

Resolution < 2 cm-1 available
Fibre-coupled SMA (FC/PC available)
Fibre aperture 1 mm as standard (larger cores available on request)
Fibre NA 0.22
Detector Choose from our range
Power Detector dependent
Mass > 2kg
Column 1 Value 8 Column 2 Value 8
Applications for our HES range
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Transmission Raman Spectroscopy
  • Emission spectroscopy measurement
  • Fluorescence spectrometry
  • Reflectance spectrometry
  • Astronomical applications

The high throughput of the instrument makes it possible to couple the device via a large multimode optical fibre making the instrument easy to use with a large optical telescope, unlike Czerny Turner systems with comparable resolution. Thus, diffraction-limited telescopes are not required, This makes the instrument accessible for amateur astronomers whilst still providing the state-of-the-art performance required for professional observatories.

Choose from:

HES 1000 – 1ml fibre and standard detector. Ideal for brighter or less challenging measurements

HES 2000 – 2ml fibre and superior detector allowing for long integration times. Ideal for difficult or standoff measurements or for samples that give off weaker signals

HES 3000 – 3 ml fibre and photon-counting CCD ideal for biological applications