The benefits of our High Resolution Spectrometer

What to know about IS-Instruments

Our range of spectrometers and laser-based instrumentation vary
from miniature spectrometers through to the world’s highest
throughput Raman spectrometer and bespoke LIDAR solutions.
Our range of instruments provide scientists and engineers with a
new generation of spectroscopic and laser-based tools across many
• Biotechnologies
• Nuclear
• High Value Manufacturing
• Medical research
• Pharmaceutical

Product Specifications

High Resolution

IS-Instruments offer a range of high
resolution, high performance, bespoke
spectrometers for the most demanding of
spectral measurement problems. Spectral
resolution on the fm are possible.

The instruments use Fabry Perot technology combined with high-quality imaging detection systems to provide state of the art
spectral resolution while maintaining a high level of throughput.
Working with our partner IC optical systems both fixed and
tunable solutions are possible offering unparalleled levels of
optical performance. Systems are available operating in the
300 – 2000 nm region with working diameters up to 200 mm!


Features & Benefits:

  • 100-fold increase in throughput over conventional systems
  • Capable of stand-off measurements at a range of 2-3 meters
  • Increased throughput delivers superior signal-to-noise over a Czerny Turner instrument
  • Ideal for low-light applications
  • Easily integrates with large receiving optics
  • All the advantages of a Michelson Interferometer yet with no moving parts (why is this a benefit?)
  • Spectral properties of a traditional diffraction grating-based device

Applications include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Astronomy
  • BioMedical
  • BioPharma

Available as fibred-coupled Raman instruments, typically with a 500 mW 785 nm laser. A choice of detectors is available according to the end-user requirements, from simple CMOS devices to an ultra-low light, cooled CCD.


HES 1001 – 1ml fibre and standard detector. Ideal for brighter or less challenging measurements.

HES 2002 – 2ml fibre and superior detector allowing for long integration times. Ideal for difficult or standoff measurements or for samples that give off weaker signals. Download spec sheet Download example spectra

The baseline instrument configuration is targeted at Raman spectroscopy with an excitation laser operating at 785 nm.

Also available as stand-alone instruments (HES1000/HES2000/HES300)