IS-instruments Ltd is a micro company based in Kent, specialising in the development of spectrometers, Raman systems and LIDAR based products. The company is looking to expand its product range and has recently been awarded a number of exciting development contracts.

IS-Instruments is seeking an ambitious opto-electrical engineer to join the team.

The successful candidate should be educated to at least degree level in physics or engineering and the position would suit a recent graduate. The candidate should be capable of working independently and within a small team. Preference will be given to applicants that have knowledge of spectroscopic and Raman systems or LIDAR based products for either chemical analysis or 3D measurement.

The successful candidate will be expected to work alongside the current technical team helping to develop new instruments and drive forward new product lines. The candidate should have good written and verbal communication skills and be comfortable presenting material to the wider audience.

Preference will be given for applicant who displays any of the following skills and particulars:

• Knowledge of optical systems
• Experience performing optical alignment tasks in the field
• Knowledge of system level design
• Knowledge of LabView and or C++
• Knowledge of Raman measurement
• Knowledge of LIDAR systems
• Knowledge of 3D measurement systems
• Excellent presentation skills

Applicants are invited to send the CV to