Raman Probes

IS-Instruments presents a new range of Raman probes ideal for standoff Raman observations.

The range of probes can make measurements up to distances of 3 m from the target. The probes are fitted with the highest quality optical filters to suppress any unwanted laser, and have focal lengths from 50 mm up to 3 m. These systems are designed to work seamlessly with our HES range of spectrometers, with etendue characteristics to match. This allows for maximum light collection even for standoff distances in excess of several metres. Probes are designed to minimise any unwanted background light, providing state of the art performance.

Standard probes are an all reflective design, and couple to a 1mm dimeter aperture 0.22 NA optical fibre. Wavelength operating range can be selected from 355 up to 1550 nm. The Image shown in Figure 2 is a 1 m standoff Raman probe mounted on a robotic arm.

IS_Instruments raman-probes

Figure 1

IS_Instruments raman-probes

Figure 2


F Number: F#2:1
Nominal focal lengths: 50 mm (other options available on request)
Operating range: from 355 – 1550 nm
Max distance of operation: 3m
Filter: Laser clean up as standard

Demonstrations of stand off Raman observations.

Using a Raman probe head mounted on a robotic platform, coupled to ISI range of HES 2000 spectrometers. Observation are made of Titanium Oxide samples from a distance of more than 1 m.

Watch on YouTube here