IS-Instruments product case studies

Case studies are one way we can show how our spectrometers and stand-off Raman probes are being used to solve real-world challenges in many environments, including Nuclear Decommissioning, BioPharma, Biomedical, Gas & Oil.

“Spectroscopy can probably answer the question, “Is there anybody out there? Are we alone?” Garik Israelian

Spectroscopy is responsible for delivering answers to some of the most fundamental questions about our planet and the organisms that live on it, as well as how the universe was created and what remains in it.

Our Raman spectrometers and Raman probes are solving some of the biggest environmental and industrial challenges facing the world today.

Our stand-off Raman probe is capable of making measurements from a distance of up to 3m, and we’re using our spectrometer / probe combination in the remote identification of potentially hazardous substances in nuclear decommissioning initially at Sellafield.

ODIN, our compact deep UV Raman spectrometer is ground-breaking in many respects: the diode laser which does not require gas purging or cooling, the whole instrument fits on a desk and unique dynamic sample stage limits power density at source, so ODIN can measure fragile samples such as proteins without damaging the sample. This is ground-breaking technology for the biopharma and biomedical sectors and has applications in nuclear decommissioning and many more.

Our stand-off Raman spectrometer has been used to identify multiple gas species simultaneously whilst in a gas pipeline – onsite – with no need to take samples from the pipeline and send to a lab – saving time and money and significantly reducing risk to operators.

In collaboration with partners, we’re using hollow core micro-structured fibre optics to produce a gas-phase Raman instrument, an affordable and more agile alternative to gas chromatography.

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