The Benefits of our Miniature Spectrometer

Miniature Spectrometer

The MSP1000 miniature spectrometer (MiniSpec) is a compact, fibre-coupled spectrometer suitable for common laboratory tasks. By using the latest manufacturing techniques, we are now able to provide the system for a cost of less than £1000.

The latest version of the spectrometer features a CCD which does not exhibit significant etaloning as standard.

We provide a free software toolkit for acquiring spectra and performing simple analyses like peak detection, averaging, and smoothing. You can export spectra as CSV files for processing with other numerical analysis packages.

Alternatively, we provide open-source Python and C++ interface libraries on our Github page. We are also developing libraries for the Robot Operating System (ROS).

These libraries are designed to be similarly easy to use, for instance, you can capture spectra in just 3 lines of Python.


Product Specifications

Mini Spectrometer 01

Miniature Spectrometer

Designed to be a workhorse instrument for making quick and convenient measurements in the lab, the MiniSpec is easy to use.

By using additive manufacturing processes (3D printing) to build this spectrometer, we can provide the system at significant cost-saving over other similar instruments without compromising performance. This makes the MiniSpec accessible for users such as hobbyists, amateur scientists and astronomers, and educators at all levels from high schools to undergraduate labs.

Our MiniSpec has been used in local schools, by astronomy clubs, and by agricultural users interested in understanding their growth lights for fruit and vegetable characterisation and classification.

This video shows the practical application of ISI’s Miniature Spectrometer measuring the drying process of a chilli.

Applications include:
  • Light characterisation
  • Reflectance measurements for quality assurance or identification
  • Fluid absorption measurements
  • Monitoring paint pigments
  • Remote spectral monitoring


Feature Value
Wavelength range From <390 nm to >850 nm
Resolution (FWHM) <2nm across full range (50 µm diameter core fibre)
Fibre input SMA 905
Fibre NA 0.22
Connectivity Ethernet
WiFi (optional) – Hotspot mode, or connect to user WLAN
Supply voltage 4.75 — 5.25 V
Max acquisition rate 10 Hz
Dimensions 59×108×131 mm
Weight ~ 500 g