Ultra-High Resolution Spectrometers – using Fabry-Pérot technology

Ultra-High-Resolution Spectrometers (Fabry-Pérot)

For the most demanding of applications, ISI offers a range of bespoke, ultra-high-resolution spectrometers using Fabry-Pérot technology. With our instruments, spectral resolution on the fm is possible.

Our Directors, Dr Michael Foster and Dr Jonathan Storey are recognised as world-leading experts in Fabry-Pérot techniques and bring that knowledge and experience to custom projects for clients.

Fabry-Pérot interferometers are optical resonators used for high-resolution spectroscopy. They use the phenomenon of multiple-beam interference that results when light shines through a cavity bounded by two reflective parallel surfaces. When the light hits one of the surfaces, some is transmitted out, and the remaining part is reflected. Fabry-Pérot produces a circular fringe pattern, similar to the Michelson pattern. However, the fringes are thinning, brighter, and more widely spaced. As a result, these instruments can detect and resolve the fine features of a transmission spectrum with high precision.

All our systems are constructed bespoke to order.

Product Specifications

IS-Instruments Directors, Dr Michael Foster & Dr Jonathan Storey are experts in Fabry-Pérot technology

Ultra-High Resolution Spectrometers

Our ultra-high-resolution spectrometers use Fabry-Pérot technology combined with high-quality imaging detection systems to provide state-of-the-art spectral resolution.

Both fixed and tuneable solutions are possible offering unparalleled levels of optical performance. Systems are available operating in the region of 300 – 2000 nm with working diameters up to 200 mm!

These systems represent the latest interferometric technology and are ideal for the most challenging of ground-based scientific measurements, from astronomical observations through to atmospheric LIDAR measurements. Systems can be used both in an imaging and filtering configuration depending on the specific requirement of the client.

These instruments typically contain a series of interference filters combined with double or triple Fabry-Pérot etalons used in series to provide both high levels of background suppression as well as high resolution and transmission. Instruments are typically mounted in a thermally controlled hermetically sealed container to ensure maximum stability and control.

All systems are constructed bespoke to order.

As well as providing the complete solution, we also offer a comprehensive design service to optimise the Fabry-Pérot configuration particular to the customer’s requirements.

Applications include:
  • Astronomy
  • Solar Observations
  • High resolution Imaging spectroscopy
  • High resolution spectral measurement
Bespoke Solutions

Our team of engineers, scientists, and technicians has world-leading experience developing optical-based instruments. We are focused on understanding your needs, so we are able to develop bespoke, correctly engineered and innovative solutions for you.

We recognise that development can be costly, so we consult with you throughout any programme of work. Our unique approach allows costs to be kept at a minimum, keeping you in control of your budget.