About IS Instruments

Spectroscopic solutions for an evolving industrial landscape

Our range of spectrometers and laser-based instrumentation are providing scientists and engineers with a new generation of spectroscopic and laser-based tools across many industries:

  • Biotechnologies
  • Nuclear
  • High-Value Manufacturing
  • Medical research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Process Control
  • Security

ISI’s spectrometer range includes a low-cost miniature spectrometer that matches many of the market leaders at a fraction of the price through to the world’s highest throughput Raman spectrometer and bespoke LIDAR solutions.

Our high throughput models offer unique advantages in terms of light gathering potential and flexibility and are ideal for making Raman observations. Our bespoke LIDARs have been used across several industries for multiple applications, including monitoring industrial processes in harsh environments, defect detection and locating leaks. As such we are able to provide a complete range of spectral solutions and pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best solution to their problem.

Our History

ISI was founded by Dr. Michael Foster and Dr. Jonathan Storey to specialise in the development of compact remote sensing instrumentation targeting industrial applications.

Both founders have more than a decade of experience working with LIDAR and 3D vision systems for space-borne applications and are recognised internationally as experts in Fabry-Perot systems, laser-based instrumentation, Photon Counting Techniques, high-precision interferometry and optical filtering. Working with the European Space Agency, Mullard Space Science Laboratory (UCL), ABSL Space Products and the UK Space Agency, their projects have included the development of an imaging LIDAR for landing on the Martian surface.

Through ISI, the Directors are commercialising the technologies and expertise they developed in this industry to ground-based applications.

World-Class Spectroscopic & LIDAR Solutions For Modern Industrial Challenges

ISI is working with commercial customers to:

  • identify and measure corrosion in high-temperature facilities
  • making stand-off measurements for the identification of multiple gas species in gas pipelines
  • develop systems for the early identification of defects in process industries
  • develop a dust detection LIDAR for use in the detection of onsite chemical leaks
  • develop a new sensor by fusing data from stereo-cameras and LIDAR
  • make stand-off Raman measurements at 3 meters to identify unknown substances in nuclear facilities

ISI’s expertise is focused on:

  • the design of laser-based remote sensing systems
  • compact Raman spectrometers and LIDARs
  • spectrometers capable of measurements from 200 – 2500 nm
  • photon counting detection techniques

We collaborate with academic and research institutions, as well as commercial partners and governmental agencies to innovate spectroscopic and laser-based technologies to help build a more sustainable future for us all.

Information is power. Our spectrometers can be adapted to work in the most hostile of environments, providing the information you need, enabling you to operate more efficiently and more safely.

IS-Instruments product examples

IS-Instruments Raman Spectrometer

Raman Spectrometer

Raman is a spectroscopic technique that uses laser light to interact with molecular excitations and determine what a substance or element is composed of.

IS-Instruments HES Spectrometer

HES Spectrometer

Traditional spectrometers use a slit to allow light to pass into the instrument and focus on the target substance.

IS-Instruments Miniature Spectrometer

Miniature Spectrometer

The MSP1000 miniature spectrometer (MiniSpec) is a compact, fibre-coupled, spectrometer suitable for common laboratory tasks.

IS-Instruments Raman Spectrometer

Raman Probes

Raman is a spectroscopic technique that uses laser light to interact with molecular excitations and determine what a substance or element is composed of.


Ultra-High Resolution Spectrometer

Our ultra-high resolution instruments use Fabry Perot technology combined with high-quality imaging detection systems to provide state-of-the-art spectral resolution.

ODIN – a compact Deep UV Raman spectrometer

ODIN – Compact Deep UV Raman Spectrometer

Deep UV Raman spectroscopy operates in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum, between 200 and 280 nm.

What press/people have to say…

Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics has been engaged with IS-Instruments for five years, both as a customer and in partnership on a range of collaborative innovation projects. We are therefore somewhat uniquely placed in that we have experience of using ISI in our supply chain, and in working closely in scientific development. On both counts, we have found our engagement… Read more “Dr David Stothard”

Dr David Stothard
Head of Department, Lasers and Laser Systems, Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics

Jacobs first approached IS Instruments in 2017 when it was recognised that great advances were being made in the field of laser sensing and in particular Raman spectroscopy. Through Jacobs extensive knowledge of the various challenges within the nuclear industry, along with IS Instruments expertise in lasr based sensing technologies, they identified several applications for Raman spectroscopy to make nuclear… Read more “Dr Mike Wharton”

Dr Mike Wharton
Senior Chemist – Jacobs Laboratory Solutions and Specialist Consultancy

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