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Leading the way in the development of compact spectrographic and remote sensing technologies.







About IS-Instruments

Identifying the unknown so our clients can make informed decisions.

Our range of spectrometers, laser-based instrumentation and bespoke LIDAR solutions provides our clients with a new generation of highly-sensitive measuring and identification tools. Originally developed for use in space, our instruments are leading the way in identifying and classifying substances in extreme environments and finding new ways of enabling advances in biopharmaceutical processes.

Working in collaboration with industry and academia, we’re perpetually evolving our spectrometers to deliver innovative and practical solutions for some of the toughest challenges we’re facing today.

Our in-house team has the knowledge and experience to offer tailored solutions for clients with specific requirements. That ability sets us apart as leaders in the field of spectroscopy and spectrographic solutions.

So tell us – what are you trying to measure?

WiFi-enabled Miniature Spectrometer

About our Spectrometers

Our spectrometers use a fibre optic rather than a slit to allow the laser to reach its target. The benefit of this is less light ‘wasted’, allowing our spectrometers to have a higher throughput/etendue than traditional instruments.

We have developed a deep UV instrument, ODIN, to which our base technology lends itself well, using a self-aligning diode laser that eliminates the requirement for air purging.

Also in development is a system using hollow-core microfibre capable of making gas Raman measurements detecting multiple gas species within an environment on-site.

Some of the industries we work with:

  • Nuclear / Nuclear Decommissioning
  • High-value Manufacturing & Process Industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas

Our Products

Developing the tools for the future

Drawing on our space heritage and working with partners across academia and industry, we’re developing instrumentation to deliver remote sensing solutions for previously unsolved challenges.

So tell us – what are you trying to measure?

Have a problem and need a solution? Talk to us.

Discover the power of light with IS-Instruments

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What press/people have to say…

Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics has been engaged with IS-Instruments for five years, both as a customer and in partnership on a range of collaborative innovation projects. We are therefore somewhat uniquely placed in that we have experience of using ISI in our supply chain, and in working closely in scientific development. On both counts, we have found our engagement… Read more “Dr David Stothard”

Dr David Stothard
Head of Department, Lasers and Laser Systems, Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics

Jacobs first approached IS Instruments in 2017 when it was recognised that great advances were being made in the field of laser sensing and in particular Raman spectroscopy. Through Jacobs extensive knowledge of the various challenges within the nuclear industry, along with IS Instruments expertise in lasr based sensing technologies, they identified several applications for Raman spectroscopy to make nuclear… Read more “Dr Mike Wharton”

Dr Mike Wharton
Senior Chemist – Jacobs Laboratory Solutions and Specialist Consultancy

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