Case Study Information

High-Temperature Probes for 3D Measurement of Corrosion in Metal Processing – January 2012

ISI together with Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) has recently been awarded by the UK Space Agency a flagship project to convert the Mars Rover PanCam instrument for use in high-temperature environments to detect corrosion.

By mounting a stereo camera system within a periscope and using MSSLs GOTHCHA stereo matching software, it is possible to make accurate high-resolution 3D measurements within a high-temperature furnace chamber. Corrosion in these environments is a major issue potentially leading to very expensive shutdowns. It
typically manifests as either cracking or thinning of the chambers walls.

Camera mounted within the probe

Key features:

  • Can make measurements up to 2000 degrees C
  • Range accuracy of ~ 1mm
  • Dense spatial coverage
  • State-of-the-art stereo processing
Stereo camera system within a periscope

This technology is designed to detect these effects early and hence improve efficiency lower costs and most importantly reduce emissions within the metal processing industry. The instrument has been manufactured and has generated significant interest across the industry. It has been agreed that the device will undertake trails at the Centre for Process Engineering, one of the new TSB catapult centres.