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Sarah Marsh-Collings

Information & Dissemination Manager

Outside of work, Sarah can usually be found rambling around the countryside with her dogs, a Springer Spaniel and a rescue Brittany Spaniel, or at the beach looking for fossils. She loves cooking, particularly Asian and Italian cuisine and likes nothing better than cooking up a feast for friends and family – especially if they bring wine (and dog treats).

Sarah has a passion for old American cars and, in a previous life, has owned many, including a customised 1950s Chevrolet Fleetline Fastback and a Dodge Ram Dayvan. A regular for the Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge, she tries to maintain her fitness through running, swimming, and weight-lifting. She enjoys bashing a tennis ball around (she says you can’t call it ‘playing tennis’) and keeping an eye on the seismic activity around the world.