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Raman Spectrometer: Demonstration 3mm fibre compatible

See our latest technical article describing the performance of our HES 2003 Raman spectrometer. System has demonstrated a throughput advantage of over 500 times greater than a classical dispersive system. This major breakthrough represents the worlds highest throughput Raman spectrometer. System is based on a Spatial Heterodynespectrometer and has no moving parts with a resolution of ~ 4 cm-1 Making [...]

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Demonstration of world highest throughput Raman spectrometer

This is the final diary entry from a series of experiment demonstrating the performance of our new 3 mm fibre compatible HES 2000 spectrometer.  The system has demonstrated a resolution of ~ 4cm-1 while coupled to a 3 mm diameter. The system has not slit and has been tested with fibres of varying diameter. Figure 1 shows the required integration [...]

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3mm Fibre Compatible Raman Spectrometer, First Demonstration

Diary of Events Date 12/12/2015 The challenge for this week was to assemble the system specifically the spectrometer. All the parts are now the laboratory and have been confirmed to be in working order. The system will is mounted in an oversized box, so that the experiments can be performed easily. The sequence of ideal assembly is of course well [...]

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3mm Fibre Compatible Raman Spectrometer

Diary of an experimental investigation of a new 3 mm fibre compatible Raman spectrometer (HES 2003) This is the first of several blog entries discussing experiments on one of our HES range of the spectrometers. The plan is to provide our customers and supporters an insight into how our innovations are developed at ISI. To show some of the frustrations [...]

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ISI wins two new euopean funded projects

ISI wins two new European funded projects: AIRS: Advanced Intelligent Raman System for security applications: Which will be investigating the use of the latest Raman technologies for Border control and polices applications. And HOPLITES: HOt PLate Imaging & Topography Examination System, working with our partners JOANNEUM RESEARCH, and DIAK mechatronics eU. Which will be investigating new methods for measuring the [...]

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PhD position at ORC and ISI

Fully-funded PhD position in the Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton in collaboration with IS Instruments Limited. There is a growing requirement for sensitive and species-specific gas sensors in many application areas, in particular in the oil and gas sector for the monitoring of fuel reserves, medicine for the detection of gaseous bio-markers characteristic of particular illnesses/medical conditions, and within [...]

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3D Vision for high temperature environments

ISI has recently tested its new 3D vision system for observations in high temperature environments. This system has the ability to make measurements with an accuracy of 5 mm in environments with temperatures up to 2000 C. Ideal for measurements in the steel manufacturing proces.

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Transmission Raman IR

Transmission Raman measurements provide a bulk measurement of a target sample, rather than the a surface observation used in most Raman spectrometers.  Using a bespoke IR HES 2000 spectrometer IS-Instruments have demonstrated how a sample of Ibuprofen is measured, can dramatically, influence the spectra observed.

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Patent Application (GB 2509716)

ISI with IMA Ltd, have been working on a new LIDAR and Raman spectrometer to detect and identify liquids within a pressurised gas pipeline. As part of this process a patent application has now published for the instrument. The patent focuses on the liquid detection method used and how our HES 2000 spectrometers must be used in the system if [...]

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ISI begins two new studies to Improve Raman spectrometers

Raman spectrometers have become an increasingly popular tool in recent years to identify substances in the field.  However one constant restriction of the technique is the potential for contaminate fluorescence to mask the Raman return.  ISI has now begun two investigations of different techniques to remove this response, using our HES spectrometers.  This includes examining the spectral and temporal nature of both [...]

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Benjamin Crutchley Joins IS-Instruments

Benjanmin Cructchley has joined IS instruments. Dr Crutchley recieved his PhD in photonics in 2012 in the study of InGaN light emitters. He is a expert in optical systems having designed and built a variety of instruments in his career inclduing spectrometers.

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New development for a Time Resolved Raman Spectrometer

IS - instruments Ltd together with the University of Leicester have entered a new development funded by the UK government to produce a new class of Time Resolved Raman spectrometer. Integrating our HES spectrometer with a noval detection system our aim is to produce a new class of Raman spectrometer that can produce time resolved measurments to remove contaminate flourescent signals from Raman spectra.

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Tests a new camera for its range a spectrometers

ISI is currently investigating upgrades to their existing range of OEM spectrometers and Raman spectrometers.  With both CMOS And CCD technology ever improving its important to ensure that our OEM spectrometer use  the best available solutions. Factors to consider are the noise of the detectors, the sensitivity, the size and the pixel pitch. It is often the case that for a given application [...]

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HES 2000 Spectrometer Compared to Czerny Turner Instrument

In recent years spatially offset and transmission Raman measurements have gained popularity in a variety of sectors, including the pharmaceutical and forensics industries. The key advantage of transmission Raman in particular is that it provides a bulk measurement of the sample and is therefore resistant to false returns The HES2000 spectrometer offered by ISI can capture the light from a [...]

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ISI with UCL present at UK Rail conference

Peter Muller presents a new approach for assisting trains avoid collisions. The project in titled MEWOPS, provides a network of sensors including 3D stereo and thermal imaging systems to help trains navigate in a variety of applications.

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Exciting week at ISI

IISI has been developing some new exciting technology to enhance our range of Raman and OEM spectrometers. So far the tests have proven very promising and exceeded expectations. Watch this space for news once the trails are complete

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Photonex 13

ISI headed up to the annual Photonex Exhibition to meet up with colleagues in the Photonics industry and see what developments have been made that we can bring to our customers. Whilst there we met with Eluxi to discuss our spectrometer offering to the market, the HES spectrometer range. We also met up with our key industrial suppliers to discuss [...]

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ISI welcomes new members to our team

ISI welcomes two new members to our team: Josh Veitch - Michaelis who will be working in a 3 D measurement systems, and Usama Bin Mansoor who will be assisting with our Raman spectrometers and LIDAR products.

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New article on application of Raman spectrometer

New article is published by azom on the use of our HES range of Raman spectrometers, examining liquids in a gas pipeline. The artcile explores how the Raman spectrometer has performed measuring 1- 20 mm of liquid from a distance of 2 m at the bottom of the pipeline.

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ISI article published in photonics spectra

ISI publishes a new article in photonics spectra this month, on using Raman spectrometers in industry. The article discuses a number of the problems faced in industry and how Raman systems are being used to address them. We welcome Electrical engineer Usama Bin Mansoor has joined IS-instruments this week, to assist with the development of our photonics products

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Raman Spectrometers, buisness models and other events

This month ISI has assisted in producing a new business model for a UK SME working in the technology sector, in particular examining how to convert space assets into viable products for industry. Our new transmission Raman spectrometer has now been designed with a cooled CCD, the system will be targeted at making bulk measurement of a sample, while still [...]

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ISI wins three new contracts

ISI wins two new TSB contracts A novel integrating probe for whole tablet Raman spectrometry Development of Transmission Raman instrument with spatially resolved Fourier Transform Spectrometer And the manufacture of a new dust detection LIDAR

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