Bespoke Instrumentation

ISI offers a range of consultancy products aimed at developing LIDAR and laser based remote sensing systems for difficult environments, including high temperature systems for the process industry.

Our team of engineers, scientists and technicians have significant experience in developing optical based instruments. We are focused on understanding your needs so that we are able to develop a bespoke, correctly engineered and innovative solutions for you.

Our approach is to keep you in control. We recognise that a development can be costly and so we consult with you throughout any programme of work. Our unique approach allows costs to be kept at a minimum, giving your control over the programme of work.

Our consultancy and design services evolve and include:

✓ Market and technology surveys

This has included conducting a Technology strategy board study with MSSL into the development of new class of 3D measurement system

Simulation tools included the development of sophisticated LIDAR modelling
programs “case study”

✓ Instrument design

  • Probes for 3D measurements
  • Imaging Lidar
  • Photon counting gas analyser

Our developments are based on a modular approach as this aids future instrument support and maintenance.

Using our expertise to work in difficult environments ISI is now working with TATA steel, CPI and UCL to develop a new LIDAR to improve efficiency within the steel industry.

At ISI we pride ourselves on the ability to provide our customers with the best solution to meet their specific needs using our wide range of expertise in optics, electronics and mechanical design. Our inclusive approach allows certification and similar engineering issues to be dealt with efficiently. Maximising the performance that can be achieved by the instrument.