Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics has been engaged with IS-Instruments for five years, both as a customer and in partnership on a range of collaborative innovation projects. We are therefore somewhat uniquely placed in that we have experience of using ISI in our supply chain, and in working closely in scientific development. On both counts, we have found our engagement with ISI to be consistently and tremendously positive. Their core product – Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer – is a genuinely innovative technology which uniquely services the stand-off Raman application for which it is optimised. We have found the benefit it confers in the detection and identification of substances at range to be profound: finally enabling Raman techniques to be used at meaningful (>1m) stand-off distances. We have also been delighted with the quality of the product from ISI, and the richness of the support we have received once integrated into our application.

We have found ISI to be excellent supply chain / collaboration partners who have a genuine passion to see their products find utility in the applications for which they are destined. Their products are a showcase of how state-of-the-art optical concepts and designs can be translated from the laboratory to find utility in a range of high-value, high impact applications.