Our HES Spectrometers

The Benefits of Our HES Spectrometers

Traditional spectrometers use a slit to allow light to pass into the instrument and focus on the target substance. Our spectrometers are different: we use optical fibres at a size of 1 mm – 3 mm, although a 5 mm is possible.

Using a fibre rather than a slit aids transmission; where light would normally be lost it is retained and therefore can be focused on the target. More light on the target delivers a stronger signal, particularly helpful when measuring substances with weak Raman signals.

ISI’s standard HES spectrometer offers a 100-fold increase in throughput over conventional systems currently available. This increased throughput can lead to a superior signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for a given observation over a Czerny Turner instrument. The HES spectrometer contains no moving parts and yet offers the advantages of a Michelson Interferometer with the spectral properties of a traditional diffraction grating-based device, such as a Czerny Turner spectrometer.


Product Specifications

IS-Instruments raman-spec-img01

HES Spectrometer

The high throughput/etendue of our HES spectrometers results in the instruments being ideal for low light applications and makes it possible to couple the devices via a large multimode optical fibre. They are, therefore, easy to use with a large optical telescope, unlike Czerny Turner systems with comparable resolution. Our HES spectrometers are capable of stand-off measurements at a range of 2-3 meters.

The spectrometer is available as a stand-alone instrument or a fibred-coupled Raman spectrometer, typically with a 500 mW 785 nm laser.

A choice of detectors is also available according to the end-user requirements, from ultra low light, cooled CCD through to simple CMOS devices.


Feature Detail
Operating range 50-4000 cm-1 dependent on detector choice
Resolution < 2 cm-1
Fibre coupled SMA (FC/PC available)
Fibre aperture 1 mm (standard) up to 5 mm
Fibre NA 0.22
Detector Choice available
Power Detector dependent
Mass < 2 kg

Applications for our HES instruments:

  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Transmission Raman spectroscopy
  • Emission spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence spectrometry
  • Reflectance spectrometry
  • Astronomical applications